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Set the search path for

* Set the search path for modules. This has a format *similar to the csh path variable. If the module isn't *found in the first directory it tries the second and *so on. The default is /kernel /usr/kernel * *Example: *moddir: /kernel /usr/kernel /other/modules * root device and root filesystem configuration: * *The following may be used to override the defaults *provided by the boot program: * *rootfs: Set the filesystem type of the root. * *rootdev: Set the root device. This should be a fully * expanded physical pathname. The default is the * physical pathname of the device where the boot * program resides. The physical pathname is * highly platform and configuration dependent. * *Example: * rootfs:ufs * rootdev:/sbus@1,f8000000/esp@0,800000/sd@3,0:a * *(Swap device configuration should be specified in */etc/vfstab.) * exclude: * *Modules appearing in the moddir path which are NOT to be *loaded, even if referenced. Note that ?exclude' accepts *either a module name, or a filename which includes the *directory. * *Examples: * exclude: win * exclude: sys/shmsys * forceload: * *Cause these modules to be loaded at boot time, (just *before mounting the root filesystem) rather than at *first reference. Note that forceload expects a filename *which includes the directory. Also note that loading a *module does not necessarily imply that it will be *installed. * *Example: * forceload: drv/foo * set: * *Set an integer variable in the kernel or a module to *a new value. *This facility should be used with caution. *See system(4). * *Examples: * *To set variables in 'unix': * * set nautopush=32 * set maxusers=40 * *To set a variable named 'debug' in the module named *'test_module' * * set test_module:debug = 0x13
Листинг 9.1. Стандартный файл /etc/system
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